Trina Renea Skincare is highly focused on non-invasive procedures and
treating the skin with a more gentle and effective approach that will
allow you to age more gracefully.

About Trina Renea Skincare

Trina has a passion for cosmetic chemistry and product knowledge and has worked for years on developing her own skincare line. She has worked with some of the best chemists in the United States to create her new line “Trina Renea Skincare”.


I follow a pretty strict skincare regimen morning and night with my face. So always I pack face wash and sunblock from my esthetician, Trina Reneá .

Jenny Lee/ Warpaint

I wrap my hair in a microfiber towel, then put on my facial moisturizers: Trina Reneá Red Tea Moisture Boost hydrating serum, followed by her 24/7 Defense, which looks like carrot juice and is packed with antioxidants.

Jen Rade / Stylist