24/7 DEFENSE (1.12 FL OZ)

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24/7 DEFENSE. Powered by 18 high-potency antioxidants, it defends your skin from the chemicals common to all skin problems: free radicals. Free radicals cause virtually every problem your skin faces in its lifetime. 

Are 18 antioxidants really necessary? YES. Just a couple of antioxidants won't neutralize the dozen-plus types of free radicals identified by molecular biologists to harm your skin. 24/7 DEFENSE is designed to protect your skin from all forms of free radicals while it allows your skin to repair past damage. 

The "orange color" of 24/7 Defense is created by a powerful antioxidant called Astaxanthin, the most potent antioxidant carotenoid found to date. An orange pigment from micro-algae, it is 1000 times stronger than Vit. E protects from inflammation, surface dryness, and DNA damage by UV radiation and ozone and interrupts the aging process aggravated by sugar, "browned" foods, and alcohol. 

• Inhibits free radicals, leading to inflammation, dryness, aging, and age spots.
• Softens, smoothes, hydrates.
• Reduces redness.

After just seven days, 84% of consumers who tried 24/7 DEFENSE said they saw and felt such a remarkable change in their skin
they would use it indefinitely.

Although skin over the age of 30 is most affected by free radical damage, the skin of any age, condition, or ethnicity can benefit from the defense delivered by these 18 antioxidants. Therefore, this complex should be added to every AM/PM skincare routine.


Astaxanthin | The color of 24/7 Defense - the most potent antioxidant carotenoid found to date. An orange pigment from microalgae, it is 1000 times stronger than vitamin E, protects from inflammation, surface dryness, and DNA damage by UV radiation and ozone, and interrupts the aging process aggravated by sugar, browned foods, and alcohol

6 Superfruits | Acai Berry, Gogi and Noni Fruits, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, and Coffee Berry – rank among the most powerful using the natural antioxidant grading system*

White and Green Teas | neutralize free radicals from smog and other forms of air pollution for fresh, hydrated, comfortable skin – no matter how bad the air gets

Ergothioneine | a superior antioxidant to CoQ10 and Idebenone, this unique amino acid found in mushrooms is the key energizing antioxidant for your cells. Protects from ozone in smog and plane cabins, brightens skin, and interrupts the aging process aggravated by sugar, browned foods, and alcohol

Garden Sprout Extract | supports your skin’s natural detoxifying enzymes – enhancing cellular resistance to and the elimination of environmental toxins

Pear, Hibiscus, and Assafoetida | protect from sunlight-derived free radicals that damage DNA and are at the root of wrinkle formation, inflammation, and skin sensitivity

Sunflower and Safflower | oils rich in Omega-6 keep your skin soft, hydrated, and calm by fighting off free radicals that destroy the skin’s natural moisture barrier

Thermus Thermophillus Ferment | extract repairs and protects against heat-activated free radicals that destroy DNA, cell membranes, and skin-protecting lipids

Lipochroman-6 | a Vitamin E-like molecule – targets nitrogen free radicals known to damage DNA, alter youthening proteins, increase inflammation, and trigger cell death

* Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) measures antioxidant strength in foods and supplements. Developed by
the National Institute on Aging in the National Institutes of Health (NIH).



water/eau (base), thermus thermophillus ferment (antioxidant), pentylene glycol (hydrating), helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil (antioxidant), diethylhexyl succinate (softening), carthamus tinctorius (safflower) oleosomes (emulsifier, antioxidant), glycerin (hydrating), ergothioneine (antioxidant), lepidium sativum sprout extract (antioxidant), astaxanthin (haematococcus pluvialis) extract (antioxidant), pyrus communis (pear) fruit extract (antioxidant), ferula assa foetida root extract (antioxidant), hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract (antioxidant), coffea arabica (coffee) seed extract (antioxidant), euterpe oleracea fruit extract (antioxidant), garcinia mangostana peel extract (antioxidant), lycium barbarum fruit extract (antioxidant), morinda citrifolia fruit extract (antioxidant), punica granatum extract (antioxidant), camellia sinensis leaf extract (antioxidant), dimethylmethoxy chromanol (Lipochroman-6, antioxidant), lecithin (emulsifier), xanthan gum (slip agent), acacia senegal gum (emulsion stabilizer), ethylhexylglycerin (skin conditioner), sodium benzoate (pH adjustor).


After almost sixty years of research, molecular biologists have identified three species (families) of free radicals and pro-oxidants that damage the skin.
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS): The Most damaging of all radical families – ROS has the most members. Originates with the air we breathe, sunlight, stress, tobacco smoke, and smog. It attacks all areas of cells, mutates DNA, destroys the skin’s moisture barrier, destroys the dermis, and begins and aggravates inflammation – the bottom line of aging and other skin problems.
Reactive Carbonyl Species (RCS): A direct result of drinking alcohol, eating sugar & “browned” foods, plus the interplay with ROS and RNS, RCS hardens sugars to form a “crème brulee” coating on dermal proteins, leading to sagging skin, deep wrinkles, dark spots, and inflammation.
Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS): This is involved in all forms of inflammation and worsens the damage of ROS & RCS. It is produced by fumes from nitrogen-rich soil, smog, and tobacco smoke – virtually all areas of our environment.

Adding one pump of 24/7 Defense helps control or eliminate over a dozen types of pro-oxidants and free radicals in all three families.

Self-preserving. Does not contain fragrance, essential oils, colorants, or parabens.